Guilt Free & Gluten Free Muffins

Cut LemonBlueBGuilt free and gluten free muffins – now THAT is something to sing about! If you’re gluten free you likely remember when you first started on that journey and thought ‘WHAT am I going to eat?‘ Knowing your own reasons for eating gluten free helps in the process, but finding food that truly tastes great too, is so important and helpful. Our muffins have been eaten and tested by those who have been gluten free for years, those who do not live a gluten free lifestyle and even by some who were barely starting out eating a gluten free diet – and the response was the same… “YUM!

Now, if we do say so ourselves, these muffins are delicious. And the perfect shape and size! Just enough for a snack and succulent enough to quench the taste buds. Not heavy or too substantial in size that you’ll feel guilty about your new snack of choice, yet enough to give you the boost you need. You’ve GOT to try these. And by the way, since there is no flour, no oil, no butter no added sugar AND no artificial ingredients or preservatives in our muffins, there’s never any guilt anyways!

These YUMMY muffins are in stores now! CLICK HERE to see which stores you can find them in.

Current flavors are decadent Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin, refreshing Blueberry Lemon Muffin, and mouthwatering Cranberry Orange Muffin!

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