Quick and Healthy Breakfast and Snack On The Go

Ingredients 4Q2 Muffins are perfect quick and healthy breakfast and snack for the busy family on the go.

Gymnastics practice, soccer games, homework, early morning meetings, carpool, bagged lunches, hockey practice, playdates, doctors appointments – you name it, we’ve been there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could grab something small that you knew was packed with nutritional ingredients so it was both a quick breakfast or snack on the go, but healthy as well?

Q2 Muffins are packed with oats, honey, organic nonfat greek yogurt, organic whole eggs, black chia, golden flaxseed meal and many other ingredients that are truly good for you. There’s no flour, no butter, no oil, no added sugar, no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. We’re honest and upfront on our ingredients and nutritional facts of our products. We have nothing to hide and boy, does that feel good!

Our muffins are also gluten free, which was actually a happy surprise. We didn’t set out to make gluten free muffins, but once we reviewed all of the ingredients, it was great that these delicious muffins are gluten free for all of those who can’t have gluten. We’re so excited that they can enjoy our muffins, too.

The next time you’re in the grocery store and thinking “what can I grab as an easy snack or breakfast” for either you or your kids, be sure to grab a box or two of Q2 Muffins! They can be found in the breakfast frozen aisle of many Meijer stores, as well as some boutique style markets.

Use our user-friendly product finder to see if they are in a store near you! CLICK HERE!

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