Top 10 Benefits of Eating Gluten Free

gluten free imageWhen it comes to eating gluten free, there are many reason that people take part in it. It may be because they are diagnosed or suspect Celiac Disease, or it’s because they’ve heard other health benefits associated with eating gluten free. While some have considered this lifestyle a fad, others have tremendously benefited from this way of life and eating habit.

From a full on disclosure standpoint, we are not doctors, so before changing your eating habits, please be sure to consult with your nutritionist or doctor. 

The Top 10 (highly-talked about) Benefits of Eating Gluten Free are:

10. It can drastically improve cholesterol levels

9. Promotes better digestive health

8. It can increases energy levels

7. Could eliminate unhealthy and processed foods from your diet

6. You’re more likely to eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily

5. It could reduces your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes

4. Eating gluten free could helps fight off many viruses since many fresh foods you’ll be eating contain more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals vs other processed foods in foods that contain gluten

3. It could lead to healthy weight-loss

2. Those with irritable bowl syndrome and arthritis are likely to see improvement

1. You’ll have a better sense of what you’re eating as you’ll be paying better attention to what goes in your mouth


All of these things bring better health and overall awareness. No matter the reason for eating gluten-free, overall awareness of what you are eating is likely to have proven results.

We are proud that our muffins are gluten free and have other added benefits of being a healthy alternative to other muffins.

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