Traveling With Kids? Road Trip Survival Guide

After your morning cup of coffee and healthy muffins, are you venturing out across America? Or perhaps just taking a day trip?

road trip survival guideAre you bubbling with excitement? Or some slight concern over hearing the dreaded “Are we there yet?” from your kids about 45 minutes into a 6 hour trip? Don’t fear! Lucky for you, we have TRAVEL TIPS to share.

TIP 1: Map It Out – Letting your kids know ahead of time how long the trip is, in whichever way they value time, will be helpful. If your kids aren’t at an age to comprehend the true meaning behind “4 hours”, the break it down into “We’ll be in the car about as long as Bee Movie, an episode of Fuller House, and how long it usually takes to get to Grandma’s house!” Of course, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS prepare them for traffic and other delays.

TIP 2: Technology Takeover – In my opinion, now is not the time to limit technology. Find some educational games, and let ’em at it. No judge zone here! Movies work, but even kids get sick of watching movies during a car trip, so be sure to have back up on iPads and other devices. Don’t forget the extra batteries and chargers…

TIP 3: Families That Sing Together, Laugh Together – Have a favorite song list? Now’s the time to break it out and crank up the tunes. There’s no better time to pretend you’re Mariah Carey aside from the shower like a long car ride!

TIP 4: The Dollar Store Is Your BFF – Swing by the nearest Dollar Store before your trip and find activity books, travel games, coloring sheets and other items to keep as surprises for the trip. Pull them out when the kids start to get antsy or when traffic strikes, and it will {hopefully} keep the “are we there yet” squirms at bay.

TIP 5: Snack Time – What’s a car trip without some snacks?!? Keep it healthy, because feeling car sick is NO FUN, but with some healthy options, snacks are a great way to keep bellies full and kids (and adults) happy – like our Q2 Healthy Muffins!!


Enjoy your trip, and we hope these tips will save you some dread along the way. But be sure to cherish these memories! These sweet kids will be grown before you know it…

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