Top 5 Back To School Breakfasts

Phew! Summer has flown by! For those in the area with year round school, some kids have already gone back to school. For the rest of us, school will be starting before we know it. And nothing says “Back To School” like a crazy, hectic, food-flying, kids running, backpack flinging morning. Am I right?!

In an effort to make your morning run a little more smoothly, here are our TOP 5 PICKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL BREAKFASTS:

5. Pancakes

peter-lewicki-614619-unsplashWho’s not happy eating pancakes? Serve up some fresh fruit along side of them, share some syrup, and smiles all around. It will even quiet the morning rush for a little bit as everyone enjoys a nice warm, smoothing fresh pancake. And for those morning where it’s just not going to happen to whip up a fresh batch of pancakes, because let’s be honest – life – many people make a large batch ahead of time and will freeze them once they cool. Just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds on a paper towel and it’s like you’ve been baking away by the skillet all morning. Don’t worry, it’ll be out little secret.  

4. Smoothies

I’m sure you saw our post a little bit ago where we shared Healthy Smoothie Recipes, and this would be a perfect time to break out the blender! There are many other options to add in to get some additional protein or other nutritional values if substituting a smoothie for breakfast, but many smoothies will sooth a soul on a school morning! Kid friendly, parent approved!

alisha-hieb-227577-unsplash3. Parfaits

Mmmmm – Good!! A healthy mix of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit – what’s not to love? These are easy to pre-package ahead of time so they are easy to grab and go for those extra hectic mornings. I mean, who doesn’t love a perfect ratio of smooth yogurt, the perfect crunch of granola (homemade, if you prefer) and the aroma of fresh fruit first thing in the morning! Rise and shine!!

2. Cereal

No shame in some cereal game! There are TONS of cereal options these days. From chocolate loaded why-is-this-even-considered-breakfast-and-not-a-dessert to super healthy options, and then everything in between. Grab a bowl, pour, add some milk (or not if you’re feeling a little plain Jane and like it dry) and TA-DA! Done. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

…Or does it…..

1Muf0640-300x200. Q2 Healthy Muffins

DING, DING, DING!! We have a WINNER!!! Our personal favorite, and a favorite of many others, is the healthy square muffin. The game changer in guilt free, gluten free, on the go breakfast and snacking options. With 3 delicious flavors to choose from, you will always have a scrumptious options on hand, and they are so easy that there’s really no excuse. With healthy grains, wholesome yogurt, honey, fresh eggs and fruits coupled with sweet scented spices, nothing says GOOD MORNING like Q2 Muffins.


We hope these 5 options make your back to school morning rush run more smoothly!

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