All About Q²…

In 2010, we began our journey to create a healthier snack for our family.  Our goal was to focus on flavor, texture and nutrition. So, we started with heart- Ingredients 4healthy grains, wholesome yogurt, honey, fresh eggs and fruits with sweet scented spices.  We combined these wholesome ingredients into a deliciously tasting square-shaped muffin to represent a square meal.

After years of enjoying our muffins with family and friends, we decided to introduce our product to the public.  And just like that, the Q2 square muffin was born!  They were good…really good!  And, SURPRISE — just happened to be gluten free!

Full of protein and fiber, Q2 Square Muffins are most loved for their Quintessential Quality and scrumptious mouth-watering flavor.  Unwrap a 2 pack and enjoy them for breakfast, a snack or even a dessert!  You will love them!

Q² Muffins are unlike any other muffin on the market today. Truly nutritional, these irresistible, scrumptious muffins are made with NO flour, NO butter, NO oil, NO artificial ingredients, NO preservatives, and…NO GUILT! The superior quality of these distinctive muffins makes them unique. Although they are wholesome and healthy, full of protein and fiber, they maintain their rich, delectable flavor.


Once you experience the Quintessential Quality

of our awesome square-shaped products,

they will undoubtedly become a

MUST HAVE in your household.

Trust us, we know!

So indulge yourself today…nutritious food never tasted so delectable!


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